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As experienced Family Law Attorneys, Military Lawyers, and Personal Injury Lawyers, the Law Office of William C. Halsey serves clients in Oceanside and throughout San Diego County by providing skilled legal representation. With an honest and straightforward approach, we resolve legal matters for civilians and members of the United States military.

Contact our office for a free consultation. Call (760) 721-3839, or complete our Case Evaluation Form.  We can help you understand your rights and the ways our Personal Injury Attorneys, Military Attorneys, and Family Law Lawyers are prepared to represent your interests.

Read the client reviews below to discover how we have successfully resolved family law matters, military law issues, and personal injury claims on behalf of these clients.


Client Reviews | Law Offices of William C. Halsey


Best Lawyer in Town.

Hiring Attorney Halsey was the best choice I made for handling three different cases that I had. He is patient, compassionate, and will listen to what you need. He is very knowledgeable and gets you results. I highly recommend him!

Posted by anonymous





Thanks for everything always gave his 100%





My family and I have been using Mr. Halsey's legal services for years. He has succeeded in all of our cases and helped us in a tremendous way. He is very intelligent and wise with his work. We always recommend him to our friends and people we meet. He offers a lot of help and has been doing this enough to bring confidence to his clients . The staff is also friendly and helpful. All the women in the office are kind and communicate wonderfully with us. We appreciate all their hard work and would recommend Mr. Halsey's Law office services!

Nicole M.

San Marcos, CA




Without any doubt the best legal services I have received that is to include military legal assistance. After thousands of dollars spent and countless hours wasted over a two year span Mr. Halsey was able to assist in actually solving my problems. I was not in his office more then 15 minutes and already he made me feel more confident in the fact my long drawn out legal issues would finally be resolved. Mr. Halsey's office is very professional and they go above and beyond protocol to make sure their clients are taken care of. I received multiple calls from Mr. Halsey's wonderful assistant with pertinent information and even Mr. Halsey himself to insure I had no doubts or any unanswered questions. I haven't had such hospitality or assurance in the entire duration of my pending legal matters; and when I felt like I had zero hope left in finding any resolution I walked into Mr. Halsey's office where they moved quickly and diligently to resolve my legal matters. I highly recommend their services! You won't find a better team to fully support you through any legal issues you may have.

Marianne L.

San Diego, CA




Mr. Halsey is an excellent attorney and by far the best person I could have hoped for to represent me during my divorce. He is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel like he always had my best interest in mind. During a very difficult time in my life, it was a relief to know he was in my corner to help me through the legal process and ensure that I received a fair settlement. Mr. Halsey went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for, and was always available to answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this firm for any legal assistance you might need.

L G.

Glen Burnie, MD




Mr. Halsey provided Great advice and information regarding spousal support. Printed off forms to be filed once returned and offered to look over for accuracy. My friend felt much better after speaking and learning her options. My friend was given her best options in less than 30 minutes. Mr. Halsey is also well versed in JAG Law and Military laws. The secretary at the front desk was very helpful and interpreted in Spanish for my friend. Highly recommended to consult and determine your best options. Best of Luck!

Chris D.

Oceanside, CA





If your looking for a reliable, honest, helpful and diligent lawyer, I highly recommend the Office of William Halsey. Mr. Halsey and his staff became my lawyer in Feb 2010. Since then, Mr. Halsey has represented me in many Family Law/ Divorce cases, and never once have I regretted having him represent me. Mr. Halsey is extremely professional and knowledgeable not only in Law matters, but extremely helpful for individuals in the military or spouses in the military. Mr.Halsey's staff has always been respectful and helpful. I think so highly of Mr.Halsey that I have recommended him to many of my friends in divorces or court proceedings. If your seeking lawyer representation, I highly recommend Mr.Halsey. Mr. Halsey represented me in many areas of law, and many times during my cases and proceedings I realized he was the perfect lawyer for the job.

Posted by Samantha




Mr. Halsey is an excellent lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the law and how to argue on your behalf.  When meeting with Mr. Halsey he makes you feel extremely comfortable that your case is in the right hands.  Whether it is family, personal injury or criminal law you cannot go wrong retaining Mr. Halsey and his firm.  I have personally utilized Mr. Halsey's services with exceptional results and referred family and friends who have received the same one on one legal counseling, and had the same experience.  If you are in need of legal advice, I highly suggest you consult with Mr. Halsey to identify the best solution to your case.

Jason D.

Vista, CA