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Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyers | William C. Halsey

Oceanside Spousal Support Attorneys at the Law Office of William C. Halsey represent clients throughout the divorce process and provide skilled assistance on related matters, including spousal support. Sometimes called “alimony,” these monthly payments are financial assistance determined by the court during divorce proceedings. In this arrangement, one spouse pays the other.


As experienced Family Law Attorneys and Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyers, we understand the frustration and uncertainty that comes with sorting out the finances while ending a marriage. We are here to prepare you for the legal process as we legally advocate for your interests in securing a fair financial arrangement.


Contact our Family Law Firm by calling (760) 721-3839 to schedule a complimentary consultation with an experienced Oceanside Spousal Support Attorney. We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide an honest, straightforward evaluation of your case. Our knowledgeable Spousal Support Lawyers will provide advice on the best course of action for your situation.


For your convenience, our Spousal Support Attorneys see clients in the evenings and on weekends when necessary. We never charge for your initial appointment. Serving clients in Oceanside, North County San Diego, and throughout Southern California, the Law Office of William C. Halsey is a full-service family law firm that is highly qualified to represent your needs in all family law and divorce-related matters. Se habla español.


Spousal Support Attorney Representation in Oceanside, CA

In California, spousal support is determined by the court. Sometimes the court orders these payments on a temporary basis. This support is not awarded in every divorce, as the judge considers several factors before determining the amount. These factors include:Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyers | William C. Halsey


  • Marriage length
  • Age of both parties
  • Health of both parties
  • Ability to pay
  • Need for financial support
  • Standard of living
  • Spousal contributions during the marriage


The judge also may consider whether child support payments are being paid. Our skilled Spousal Support Attorneys have extensive experience and can protect your interests throughout the divorce process. In high-asset divorce matters, uncontested and contested divorce, and military family law issues, we have acquired a record of success by taking a practical, straightforward approach to resolving family law matters.

Contact an Experienced Spousal Support Lawyer

As skilled Family Law Lawyers and Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyers, we handle all divorce-related legal matters and we skillfully represent your interests for a fair, equitable outcome. Contact the Law Office of William C. Halsey for a complimentary consultation to discuss your legal concerns. Call our experienced Spousal Support Attorneys at (760) 721-3839. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Se habla español.


When you complete our Spousal Support Case Evaluation Form, we will contact you to arrange a convenient meeting.





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