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Oceanside Elder Abuse Lawyer | William C. Halsey

Oceanside Elder Abuse Attorneys at the Law Office of William C. Halsey protect the rights of senior citizens in a wide range of legal matters. When a loved one enters a senior community, assisted living facility, nursing home, or medical center, it is assumed that this is a safe, professional environment. When a loved one is not cared for properly, the situation can quickly turn dangerous resulting in a serious fall, head injury, fractures, broken bones, and even death.


Our Oceanside Elder Abuse Lawyers and Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys protect the rights of elderly patients and senior citizens who have suffered injury in a care facility. Contact our office immediately if your loved one is suffering due to this lack of care.Oceanside Elder Abuse Lawyer | William C. Halsey


We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the situation. We will explain your rights and explore the best legal strategy to remedy the situation and pursue financial compensation for your loved one’s injuries. The safety of your loved one is our highest concern. Call (760) 721-3839. Se habla español.


Elder Abuse Attorney and Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Oceanside

Health care professionals must follow proper protocols and maintain environments which promote safety in nursing homes, medical centers, hospitals, and other facilities which care for elderly citizens. Often, accidents happen in these caring places due to understaffing, mismanagement, improper supervision, and mishandling of a patient.


Many times, these facilities are not staffed by licensed, trained individuals. Even so, there are strict laws in California which regulate the treatment of senior citizens in recovery centers. The staff are required to provide periodic evaluations of all patients, including the risks and medications unique to each individual. Proper standards should be followed to avoid errors, injuries, and accidents.


Contact our Elder Abuse Lawyers and Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Today

If you or a loved one is suffering due to unlawful treatment in a care facility, do not hesitate to call for help immediately. Our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys will work diligently to recover financial compensation so you can focus on nurturing the health of your loved one. Call (760) 721-3839 and discuss your situation with our knowledgeable Oceanside Elder Abuse Attorneys and Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers. Or, you may contact our office online by completing our Case Evaluation Form. We will contact your to arrange a convenient meeting.


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