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Oceanside Military Divorce Lawyer | 10-10 Rule

As an experienced Oceanside Military Divorce Attorney, William Halsey provides skilled representation in all aspects of divorce. A military divorce includes additional considerations not present in a civilian divorce, including the 10/10 rule.


With knowledge gained from his years as a JAG officer in the USMC, Oceanside Military Divorce Lawyer Halsey understands the unique challenges facing military members and their spouses who are divorcing.


Call the Law Offices of William C. Halsey at (760) 721-3839 to discuss your situation. We invite you to arrange a confidential, free consultation with our knowledgeable Military Divorce Attorney. Our military family law firm offers honest and straightforward advice. Se habla español.


What is the 10/10 Rule in Military Divorce?

Similar to a civilian divorce, parties in a military divorce are required to separate marital property, including assets and debts. Assets in a military divorce include the service member’s retirement pay. The 10/10 rule in military divorce determines who pays the former spouse his or her share of the retirement pay.


Under the Uniformed Service Former Spouses’ Protection Act of 1982, the Defense Finance and Accounting Services is authorized to make payment directly to the former spouse when the following conditions are met.


  • The marriage lasted at least 10 years.
  • The marriage and military service have overlapped for a minimum of 10 years.


When the above statements are found to be true, benefits are paid directly to the former spouse. When the above statements are found to be untrue, the payment of benefits must be arranged through the ex-spouse in another way.


Contact and Experienced Oceanside Military Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never easy and a military divorce may involve complex financial arrangements. For experienced representation in your divorce, call Military Divorce Attorney William C. Halsey at (760) 721-3839. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to learn your rights and the ways our extensive knowledge in military divorce and family law matters may be of benefit to you.


We invite you to submit the Case Evaluation Form for review by Oceanside Military Divorce Lawyer Halsey. We will schedule an appointment to answer your questions, address your concerns, and develop a course of action to resolve your legal issues.



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