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Oceanside Military Family Law Lawyer William C. Halsey

Oceanside Military Family Law Attorney William C. Halsey has over 40 years of experience representing military men and women in family law matters. As a former JAG officer, Mr. Halsey brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge when protecting the rights of service members.


In divorce, child custody, and other family law matters, service members face unique legal challenges. Oceanside Military Family Law Lawyer William C. Halsey understands the ways these issues affect military families, and he advocates for his clients’ best interests.


Call (760) 721-3839 and arrange for a complimentary consultation Mr. Halsey will help you understand the ways your military benefits or survivor benefits and military pension may be affected due to divorce or another family law matter.


Military Family Law Attorney in Oceanside, California

Mr. Halsey provides highly knowledgeable advice and counsel to protect your interests in many areas, including:Oceanside Military Family Law Lawyer William C. Halsey



Oceanside Military Family Law Attorney William C. Halsey offers an honest and straightforward approach to resolving legal issues for individuals who serve this country. At our experienced military family law firm, we help clients create and maintain effective legal agreements designed to obtain their legal goals.


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As a seasoned negotiator and skilled litigator, Mr. Halsey protects the rights of military members and their families in family law matters. Call our office at (760) 721-3839 to schedule a free consultation. Oceanside Military Family Law Lawyer Halsey will take the time to discuss your situation and offer insight on the most efficient and effective course of action to achieve your goals.


Contact us online and we will arrange for a convenient consultation. Se habla español.



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